Why is Tampa Truck Driving School the best choice?

The answer is simple because we invest in your future. The majority of students that attend our training utilize one of our in-house financing options to help cover the cost of their tuition. Unlike most truck driving schools that outsource their financing or sell your student loan to a finance company, we finance our students ourselves!

How does that benefit you the student?

  • Number one is the cost. Because we do not sell your student loan off to a finance company, there is no company to add in their own fees. Call some of the bigger schools around the country, the schools that charge $6000-$6500 for their tuition. They need to charge that much because the finance company is going to take $2000-$2500 of the loan to cover their risks if the student doesn’t pay back the loan. So that means the student that actually pays their student loan back, pays an additional $2500 for the students that do not make their loan payments.
  • Number two is the commitment. Because a student usually walks out the door owing us money, we have a vested interest in making sure the student is placed with a quality company that provides the student with the pay, home time and benefits they were promised. We are committed to providing the student with the absolute best training and services possible because we have skin in the game as well. We have to ensure that your first step into the truck driving world is a successful one because our financial future is dependent on it every bit as much as yours is.

At Tampa Truck Driving School we maintain a 100% job placement ratio. We are able to achieve this because of the fact that we pre-screen all students to ensure their ability to obtain employment in the trucking industry. This is to ensure that there is nothing in the student’s background or driving record that would prevent the student’s ability to find employment. With most schools, their only concern is getting your tuition. After they sell your loan off to a financing company they have no reason to care about your career or financial future.

Tampa Truck Driving School invests in our student’s future because we know we can provide the best training, best job placement assistance and the best future for our students. We know that results in longer working drivers that make more money and are happier with their career and the schooling services we provided them.

Tampa Truck Driving School, the difference is clear.

We have designed our training facility to meet the needs of the transportation industry at both the local and national level, providing our students with the means of attaining their CDL in Florida. Truck driving schools like ours help by emphasizing on curriculum, low student to instructor ratios, and practical experience in the trucking industry that will help every one of our graduates become prepared for their exciting new career in just 15 days.

Our goal is to train safer, more professional commercial drivers who have the confidence and knowledge to succeed in today’s transportation industry.

The Tampa Truck Driving School difference:

  • New classes starting every Monday!
  • Short 3 week training program!
  • Pre-hire placement before starting school!
  • Tuition financing available regardless of credit!
  • Lifetime job placement assistance for all of our students (placement is not guaranteed)!
  • Practical training, real world experience.

Tampa Truck Driving Schools hands-on training curriculum:

During your first week, you will receive the classroom training and knowledge required to take and pass your CDL learners permit written exam, in order for you to obtain your Class A CDL learners permit in Florida. This will allow you to begin your actual driving training process with your instructors in the second week.

Your second week will have you behind the wheel of one of our late model tractor trailers on our five acre practice lot. You will learn how to hook to a trailer, properly shift through the gears, and focus primarily on backing procedures. This will take place under the watchful eyes of the CDL instructors at Tampa Truck Driving School’s Tampa facility.

Our low student to instructor ratio and low student to truck ratio ensures plenty of one-on-one time with your instructor and plenty of behind-the-wheel time in the lot, helping you accumulate experience for your CDL exam in Florida.

During the third week, one of our tractor trailers becomes your classroom. You will head out with your instructor every day to travel the streets in and around Tampa, Florida. You will be exposed to various driving conditions and begin to really focus on the skills to prepare you to take your Class A CDL driving test.

Again, Tampa Truck Driving School’s low student to truck ratio provides a unique institute of hands on learning with plenty of behind the wheel time. We can provide you with an atmosphere which is ideal to learn in and to prepare for your future in the trucking industry, through the knowledge of our CDL instructors coupled with our high level of training standards.

Tampa Truck Driving School : 6193 Jensen Rd, Tampa, FL 33619